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How to Covert a Toilet to Low Flush

From all the plumbing fixtures in the home, the toilet is the number one water waster. Americans flush about 4.8 gallons of water down toilets every day. Reducing the amount of water your toilet uses to flush away waste material will definitely help lower your water bills and save on scarce water in general.

Any toilet can be converted to low flush by following the simple steps below.

1. Fill half a gallon plastic container with water and sand, pebbles, gravel – whatever material handy to weigh it down the toilet tank. Remove any labels that might be stuck on the outside of the container. Seal the container.

2. Open the lid of the toilet tank and carefully insert the sealed container into the water. Readjust the lid back on the tank.

3. Done! Simply flush away using less water.

The New York Times reported that this method can save as much as half a gallon on each flush. The average American family of 5 people, where each person flushes the toilet about 5 times each day, can save up to 350 gallons every month. These water savings will show up in a much lower water bill.

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