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Sump Pump Service - Install & Repair

Need service for a sump pump? Our experts will repair, install and if needed replace your sump pump professionally and in a competitive price. Fill up the form or simply call us to get a quote


Sump pumps are mechanical devices responsible for groundwater removal in basements. As your best defensive against basement flooding, sump pumps help maintain the value of your home by protecting against costly water damage.

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How a Sump Pump Works

A sump basin or pit collects groundwater. Float switches will activate the sump pump when water levels in the sump basin reach what is called 'the critical level'. A turned on sump pump will pump accumulated water from the basement to the outside of the house.

Types of Basement Sump Pumps
Three types of sump pumps are commonly used in residential basements – two of which work on electricity and one on water power.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps fail for a variety of the following mechanical or plumbing problems:

Make sure to install a backup sump pump. Battery sump pumps will prevent basement flooding and costly water damage incase of primary sump pump failure.

To Test Sump Pump for Working Order:
Remember to test your sump pump for working order before every winter. Fill sump basin with water up to the critical level. A working pump should quickly switch on, pump out water and switch off. Should your pump stop at any stage of the water removal process, call a plumber to fix the fault quickly.

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Sump Pump Service - Install & Repair Brands

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