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Gas Lines

Gas is the most popular fuel line in domestic plumbing. Plumbers are responsible for gas line installation necessary for the household heating and cooking. Natural gas is carried at low pressure to your home via underground street pipes while propane gas is delivered from storage tanks located behind buildings or buried underground.

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The gas company is responsible for the distribution of gas to the curb while plumbing services use yellow plastic tubes for transporting gas from the curb directly to the home. Black iron or steel pipes carry natural gas inside the house, while propane gas can be further carried in copper lines.

transporting gas

Natural gas is odorless yet the gas company adds a harmless chemical to create a distinctive odor. Home gas leaks can be easily detected due to this distinctive smell. In an event of a gas leak, the first step to safety is the evacuation of all household members out of the home. Electrical connections and the usage of cellular phones should be avoided at all costs. Once outside the house contact the gas company emergency line to service your plumbing gas lines in the shortest time possible.

"Hissing" sounds may indicate gas escape, you can attempt to close the gas shutoff valve provided a service professional is on-site with you. How to install a gas line is no D.I.Y job due to the deadly nature of gas in the wrong hands. For your own safety get your plumber to deal with every aspect of your gas line system and set up.

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Plumbing Tip:
Every day precautions can spare you from unpleasant gas-leaks. Let professional plumbers service your gas appliances - in fact even installing gas water heaters should be left to your local plumbing service provider only. Periodically clean your gas oven from fat, grease and food debris, and have all gas appliances together with the gas water heating system regularly supervised by a professional plumber. Distance inflammable materials away from gas appliances.

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