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Water Pressure Problems

If you need to resolve high or low water pressure problem at home- call our plumbing experts or fill up the form, and a professional plumber will be on his way to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently


One of the most frustrating water problems in the home is pressure fluctuations. The fact that municipal water distributors supply properties with high water pressure does not necessarily ensure good water pressure in homes. Undersized piping is the fundamental cause for low water pressure problems. Aside from restricted pipe diameter, the following causes are also responsible for improper home water pressure:

You don't have to tolerate frustrating water pressure fluctuations. Submit the adjacent form to receive multiple estimates by local plumbers. Hire a plumber to solve plumbing water problems quickly and efficiently.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Pipes Corrosion
pipe-corrisionCorroded or rusty pipes restrict water flow and consequently reduce water pressure.

Shared Supply Pipe
Sharing a supply pipe from the water main may cause low water pressure problems especially if the piping is in poor condition or undersized. Properties that share a supply pipe may experience water pressure fluctuations throughout the day – high water pressure when demand for water is low or poor water pressure at times of heavy demand.

Water Leaks
leakBurst pipes, slab leaks or any other form of water leaks from pipes or fittings will reduce water pressure. Check for a leak by reading your water meter before going to bed and again in the morning before using water. If your readings are different despite not using any water, you may have a leak. Sometimes meter readings are not needed if you find the following leak signs in and around your home:

locationHome water pressure can be affected by the height of a property in relation to other buildings. A home located on the top of a hill may receive reduced water pressure in comparison to a property situated at the foot of the hill.

With any type of water pressure problem call a plumber to provide you with an appropriate solution such as re-piping, adjusting pressure regulators or installing water pressure pumps. These water pumps are ideal for boosting low water pressure in homes receiving inadequate municipal water supply pressure.

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