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Shower/ Showerhead

Bathroom showers are designed to contain water and drain wastewater into the sewer system. Residential showers can be built as integral parts of bathtubs or as separate enclosures with waterproofing tile or stone walls and a glass door. While bath showers share one drain, shower enclosures are fitted with a separate drain that removes wastewater through an under-floor trap and into the DWV pipes. Some shower plumbing installations also involve shower filters for chlorine removal from bathing water.

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Today's showerheads come in many shapes, sizes and functions. There is no one type fits all - not every showerhead will fit your current setup. Some come with their own hardware and need to be professionally connected to the plumbing system while others just need to be screwed on. Installing your own showerhead is not a wise idea. You can end up doing more damage than good – your improper installation may cause leaks or poor water pressure. Better safe than sorry – call a local plumber to install your new showerhead.

Shower Pans

Shower pans often need to be replaced or repaired overtime. The following signs indicate a faulty shower pan:

Repair or replacement of your shower pan should be handled professionally so that no other complications strike during the process. The plumber will assess the problem and provide the right solution.

Common Shower Plumbing Problems

Leaking Shower Pan
leaking shower panLocated beneath the floor tiles or concrete base of a shower is a waterproofing pan that prevents leakage. Overtime worn shower pans may leak and rot bathroom floors. To check the shower pan for water leaks, plug the drain with an expandable plug. Fill the shower floor with an inch of water and mark the water line. Wait a few minutes. If the water level goes down and water appears beneath the shower enclosure, the pan is leaking. Contact your local plumber for prompt repair.

Clogged Showerheads
Showerheads spray poorly when holes become clogged with mineral deposits from hard water. To restore full water pressure in your shower, soak your clogged showerhead in vinegar overnight, wipe off mineral deposits and refit. If cleaning the clogged showerhead does not restore full water pressure to your shower, most probably the showerhead will need replacing.

Blocked Shower Drain
clogExposed shower drains are notorious for hair and soap clogs. Place strainers over exposed drain openings as your first line of defense against clogged drains. If a clog has settled, first try plunging out the obstruction. With a persistent clog try snaking the blocked drain. Chemical drain cleaners may also be employed to unclog the shower drain, but only after your plunging or snaking attempts. Call your local plumber for effective repair when you cannot unclog the drain.

Temperature Fluctuations
If your shower suddenly sprays cold water when the washing machine or dishwasher kicks on, or scalds you if the toilet is flushed - have your plumber install a pressure-balancing valve on the hot and cold water lines that supply the shower faucet.

Water Conservation Tip:
Think green when remodeling your bathroom. Opt for low flow shower plumbing fixtures and accessories to reduce water consumption by 50% but still enjoy full spray action when showering.

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Shower/ Showerhead Brands

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  • American Standard
  • Barclay Products
  • BrassTech
  • Chicago Faucets
  • D.O. Smith
  • Danze
  • Delta Faucet Company
  • Elements of Design
  • Elizabethan Classics
  • Fusion Hardware
  • Graff
  • Grohe
  • Hansa
  • Jado
  • Kingston Brass
  • Kohler
  • La Toscana
  • LDR Industries
  • Mixet
  • Moen
  • Opella
  • Pegasus
  • Price Pfister
  • Rohl
  • Sloan
  • Speakman
  • Symmons
  • TOTO
  • Trim to the Trade
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  • Westbrass

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