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During heavy rainfalls and melting snow spells water accumulates in soil and may penetrate residential basements and underground rooms. Clogged roof gutters and blocked downspouts will let rainwater concentrate and soak into soil next to the foundation wall – this too will result in basement flooding.

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Basement Flooding Prevention

Statistic reveal that about 95% of all basements will experience a problem with water penetration during periods of heavy rainfalls or snow. Learn how to avoid a wet basement emergency and save on expensive repair of a damaged foundation and ruined belongings.

  1. guttersMake sure gutters and downspouts are obstacle free.
  2. pipe-fittingsCheck that downspout extension pipe-fittings are properly hooked up in the right direction to point water away from foundation.
  3. shrubs and plantsTrim shrubs and plants near foundation wall so that more soil is exposed to sunlight and is able to dry up quickly should it become wet.
  4. Basement WallsInsulate basement walls – seal cracks and gaps.
  5. Sump PumpPlumbers highly recommend sump pumps as effective protectors against flooding basement emergencies. Install sump pumps that discharge groundwater seeping into basements. Provide a backup pump should main device fail in real time.

This winter protect your basement against destructive water penetration. Plumbers issue the following warning signs of faulty foundation walls that may introduce water into rooms on or below ground level:

Take the right precautions and avoid wet basement emergencies that cost money and great hardships.

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