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Toilet Install replace or repair

For any type of toilet job needed contact our professional plumbers, day or night working 24-7. Our plumbers will repair toilets that do not flush, fix running toilet or a toilet drain. Leaking toilet? we're on it. We also install toilets, drain pipes, a toilet seat, ad basically whatever needed to be fixed or install in your toilet- we're here for you. Simply fill up the form or contact us.


toiletEnabling modern civilization, toilets are the most frequently used plumbing fixture in homes and offices. Almost every home is equipped with at least one toilet, if not two or even three units. Frequent usage will eventually lead to toilet repair every once in a while due to various toilet problems such as clogs, poor flushing, sweaty and leaky tanks, as well as toilet overflowing. Plumbers tackle toilet problems of all scales and further assist do it your self toilet plumbing work with correct installation, repair, replacement parts and toilet supplies.

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How Toilets Function

When flushing, the rubber stopper valve - also termed the flush valve, will float in the toilet tank and uncover a small drain hole through which about 2 gallons of stored water is released into bowl - activating a siphon that sucks water and waste matter down the drain. While water drains from the tank, the ball or filler float lowers and the flush valve settles back into its valve seat. Clean water will gradually refill the tank and bowl via a refill tube. The refilling action will stop once water reaches the required level. Located inside the tank, the overflow tube will prevent toilet overflowing and flooding should the refill tube continue to carry in water despite reaching required level.

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Common Toilet Plumbing Problems

When a part of the toilet's mechanism breaks or is too worn out to function properly - this will inhibit the overall operation of the toilet and cause typical malfunctions from external condensation of the tank to blocked drains, toilet overflow and backed up toilets. Residential plumbers will diagnose the fault and apply a suitable plumbing solution to get your toilet working again.

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Leaking Tank

If you notice your tank leaking whenever the toilet is flushed most probably the wax bowl ring (located at the base of the toilet) needs replacement. As replacing a wax bowl ring involves removing the toilet from the floor, even do-it-yourself fans should leave this job to plumbers. After turning off water supply, the plumber will unscrew the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor, install a new wax bowl ring and situate the toilet firmly on the bolts. A new wax bowl ring is also necessary in the following cases:

Clogged Toilet

Clogs are usually caused by poor flushing. Left untreated, a clogged toilet will be impossible to flush and instead will cause toilet overflow and probably flood your bathroom floor with wastewater. A light obstruction can be removed by plunging the toilet, yet stubborn or deep obstructions may not yield to the plunger. You may need to call your plumber to unclog the toilet with a plumbers snake. If snaking does not correct the problem, your local plumber may need to examine the drainage, waste and venting pipe system for corrosion, sediment buildup, or much bigger clogs that may inhibit the draining ability of the toilet. Remember that clogs should be attended to as soon as they occur, for even the smallest of clogs could culminate in toilet overflowing, which is a highly unpleasant situation.

Improper Flushing
A high or low float ball in the tank may lead to weak flushing. Simply remove the lid of the tank and readjust the ideal height of the float ball.

Sweaty Toilet Bowl

Toilet sweating is usually caused by condensation. Left untreated, a sweaty toilet bowl may trigger unpleasant mildew growth in the bathroom. If air around the toilet is much warmer than the temperature of water inside the bowl, condensation will cause a sweaty toilet bowl. Insulation of the tank's walls should rectify the problem. Have a plumber install a tempering or mixing valve to prevent toilet sweating.

Leaking Toilet

Undetected toilet leaks increase your water bills and waste gallons of water. Save on money and water by conducting a simple test to help detect a leak at its earliest stage. Add several drops of food coloring dye to the water tank. If color begins to appear in the bowl within half an hour then your toilet is indeed leaking. Replacing the rubber flapper valve will most probably stop the leak.

Running Toilet
If you hear the constant sound of running water or you find you have to jiggle the lever to stop the flow of water when flushing - high water pressure may be responsible for the leakage. A good indication that high water pressure is the cause for your running toilet is water flowing down the sides of the bowl a long time after flushing the toilet. As running and leaking toilets are water and money wasters, contact your local plumber for prompt leak detection and fast repair.

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