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Water Problems

Overtime you will probably experience various water problems with your plumbing fixtures, pipes or appliances. Basement water flooding, water leaking pipes, running toilets, low water pressure or a variety of hot water problems – are all water related plumbing inconveniences that can be fixed and/or avoided with proper water system care. Don't ignore a water problem, hire water damage service professionals for fast repair before expensive damage occurs.

Burst pipe? Running toilet? Dripping faucet? Get your water related plumbing problem fixed immediately before expensive damage takes place. Submit the form on your right to receive multiple plumbing quotes.

Water Floods

sump-pumpThe most common type of a water flood in the home is a flooding basement. Approximately 95% of basements experience water penetration issues during heavy snow spells or rainy periods. Sump pumps protect against water floods by pumping out water seeping inside basements.

Water Leaks

tap leakWater leaks in and around the home typically result from freezing and bursting pipes, leaking plumbing fixtures, or split water tanks. Insulating exposed water lines against low temperatures will prevent burst pipe emergencies. Fixing dripping faucets or leaky showerheads as they occur will conserve gallons of water that will otherwise "go down the drain". Toilets are also known as the silent water leakers for leaking gallons of water without making a sound. Performing the dye test on running toilets will help you detect leaks early and provide quick repairs.

Hot Water Problems

water heaterHot water problems are mostly related to water heaters. A leaking or noisy tank, temperature fluctuations, discolored water or reduced hot water pressure are common problems that require professional handling by certified plumbers. Draining or replacing the water tank or repairing a faulty temperature-pressure (TP) relief valve may be the solution for many of the above hot water problems.

Low Water Pressure

Low hot and cold water pressure at a certain plumbing fixture can result from the following reasons:

In some cases low municipal water supply pressure may lead to poor water pressure at the home. Ask a plumber to diagnose the incoming water pressure and provide the appropriate solution (such as installing a pressure booster pump) to boost water pressure.

Leak Detection Tip: The sound of running water may indicate a leaky source in or around your home. If possible, find the leak by tracking the sound of running water to its origin. Can't find the leak? Call a leak detection service provider to find and seal the leaky source before further damage occurs. Simply submit the adjacent form to receive plumbing estimates by local leak detectors.

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