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Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are practical devices designed to enable easy usage, and configured as part of the plumbing system to deliver fresh water and drain away waste water. Commercial and residential plumbing fixtures include toilets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, utility sinks, bathtubs, showers, bidets, urinals, and drinking fountains. Tapware - an industrial term for the sub category of plumbing fixtures also incorporate into this group - faucets, shower heads and accessories of the sort.

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Plumbing fixtures are connected to a water supply line and a drainpipe, the first carries clean water supply to the fixture while the drainpipe removes waste water to local sewage facilities. A shutoff valve is installed on each water supply line before the fixture, allowing you to close it off when the fixture is leaking. Apart from toilets and urinals, most plumbing fixtures are connected to a cold and hot water supply.

Traps and Vents

Traps and VentsAll plumbing fixtures contain traps located either externally or internally (urinals, bidets and toilets) to the actual fixture. The curved section of the pipe traps some water to form a water seal between the surrounding air space and the inside of the drain system. In this way the trap prevents sewer gases and offensive odors from entering the home or office. Almost each plumbing fixture's drain must be vented to maintain the water seal from drying up due to negative air pressure in the drain, and further prevent positive air pressure in the sewer from pushing gases past the water seal.

Electronic Plumbing

Electronic PlumbingCommercial facilities tend to install sensor operated plumbing fixtures that improve hygiene and save on water and money.

Plumbing Supplies & Plumbing Fixtures Discounts

fixtures suppliesPlumbing fixtures are no longer just practical devices but are also aesthetic focal points of kitchens and bathrooms. From stainless steel sinks to steam showers and decorative toilets, designer plumbing fixtures wholesale enhance the beauty of our home or office at affordable costs. PexSupply makes available online plumbing fixtures and plumbing supplies from top manufacturers at reasonable pricing.

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