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Residential Plumbing

Getting familiar with your residential plumbing design will enable you to spot early plumbing faults in the kitchen and bathroom, and damage control emergency plumbing troubles. Knowing your home plumbing system will also enable you to conduct green plumbing maintenance for energy and water conservation.

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Residential PlumbingA residential plumbing system is made of two separate pipe networks that operate simultaneously: the first is the clean water supply line and the second is the Drain-Waste-Vent (DWV) system. The clean water supply originates at the municipal distributor, goes through the water meter and into the home. At the water heater the clean water supply splits to cold and hot water lines. Cold water is directly carried to sinks, toilets, faucets, and bidets while hot water is channeled to showers and bathtubs. DWV pipes remove waste water from residential plumbing fixtures to a sanitary sewer line that joins a main sewer facility. Waste water is easily drained out and away from the home due to a down slanting DWV and a trap feature connected to every toilet and sink. The trap is the curved section of the drainpipe linked to every plumbing fixture. Each trap contains a water seal that prevents sewer gases and waste products from climbing back up the pipe, and into the home.

Clogged bathroom toilets, stoppages in kitchen sinks, burst pipes and other plumbing predicaments require professional residential plumbing repair. Clogs, blocks and pipes corrosion disrupt the working order of your plumbing system and can cause hazardous sewer backflows into the home.

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Licensed plumbers offer periodic checkups to ensure the smooth operation of your plumbing system, and provide professional repair, replacement and installation of residential plumbing problems that are unveiled through the examination. Alternatively, residential plumbing system maintenance can be conducted independently with additional guidance by the plumbers.

Don't forget your water meter Plumbing Tip:
check your water meter every now and then. An unusual turn of the meter dial may indicate an undetected leak that will otherwise show up in a high water bill. Contact your plumber to expedite repairs and prevent water related damages, cut down your water bill, and stop water wastage.

Room Fixture/Appliance Common Plumbing Problems
Bathroom Toilet
  • Running water
  • Backups
  • Poor flushing
  • Clogged showerhead
  • Faulty overflow gasket
Kitchen Garbage Disposal
Water Filters
  • Foul odors
  • Burned motor
  • Clogged drain
  • Poor performance
Basement Sump Pump
  • Flooding basement
  • Sump pump failure
Laundry Washing Machine
  • Burst washer drain hose
  • Lint obstructions

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