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Grease Trap

Grease traps or interceptors are devices installed in commercial plumbing systems to prevent grease, fat, oil, wax or debris from entering and clogging main sewer lines. Wastewater from commercial dishwashers, sinks and floor drains contain high amounts of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) that must be separated from the flow of wastewater that enters the main sewer system. Building codes require restaurants and other commercial cooking facilities to install grease traps to block FOGs from entering sewer lines and causing hazardous backflows or backups. Grease inspectors make sure that restaurant grease trap systems are running trouble-free.

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How a Grease Trap System Works

grease trap
A grease trap is made up from a flow restrictor, an inlet, baffles, a lid, an airtight seal, and an outlet. All components work together to separate and retain 90% of FOGs from wastewater, and release FOG free wastewater to the sewer system. The flow restrictor regulates the velocity of wastewater entering the trap, and eliminates any turbulence from hindering the separation process. Series of baffles separate FOGs from wastewater that continues to flow through the outlet and into the sanitary sewer. FOGs accumulate in the grease trap system until removed.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Over accumulation of waste in the grease trap will impede the separation process and leak out FOGs into plumbing drains. Municipalities require restaurant grease traps to be cleaned from waste on a regular basis to maintain the system's working order. Grease trap cleaning prevents the release of FOGs into sewer main and minimizes chances of stubborn obstructions, chronic sewer backups and offensive grease trap odors.

Commercial plumbers provide grease trap repair, replacement and installation as well as regular cleaning of grease trap equipment.

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