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Slab Leak Repair

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slab leaksSlab leaks refer to leaks of plumbing pipes installed in or under the slab concrete foundation of a home. Under certain conditions slab pipes leak out water and cause expensive structural damage. Hidden from view, leaky underground pipes are not always detectable unless homeowners recognize the five, most common slab leak symptoms. For their destructive nature, slab water leaks necessitate early detection before serious damage occurs. Aside from checking their water meter regularly, property owners ought to watch out for the following symptoms of water leaks under concrete slabs:

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Slab Leak Symptoms

Should your home display the above symptoms, act quickly and hire plumbers for slab leak detection and repair.

Slab Leak Causes

Breaking into the slab to find the leaky source is unacceptable. Special slab leak detection equipment helps plumbers locate the origin of the leak in a non-destructive manner. Once detected, your slab leak repair options are as follows:

Spot Repair: Plumbers replace the leaking section of the pipe only. Cost effective in new construction.

Repipe or Reroute: In older plumbing systems with chronic slab leak problems, plumbers replace the entire line.

In-place Pipe Coating: A series of pinhole leaks can be sealed with in-place epoxy coating without digging up the slab.

Expensive, destructive and highly inconvenient – slab leaks are no picnic, but still require immediate handling. Find your slab leak specialist here. Submit the form on the right and slab leaks pros will contact you shortly.

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