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How to Clean a Pipe with or Without a Plumber

One common plumbing task is clearing pipes and fiitings. Sediment tends to clog pipes over the years. When that happens, a good plumber will recognize the situation and perform a procedure which is also preventive. Pipe cleaning is actually a kind of "catheterization" - a strong flow of water is injected into the pipeline to break and push the sediment out. In difficult cases, special equipment is employed to create great pressure that forces out the obstruction.

To Clean a Pipe Without a Plumber:

1. Connect a rubber pipe to one of the faucets in your house and feed the other side directly into the drainage pipe.

2. Turn on the faucet.

3. To make it work, you should override the endpoints of the system - instead of draining water through the plumbing underneath the sink, reduce water pressure, disconnect the drainage pipe and connect the rubber pipe directly to it.

In simple cases you can do all that without a plumber. You can buy a rubber pipe at any hardware store and wrap a good coil around the tap and a plastic bag or sheet of rubber around the pipe and tubing connection at home – all this is needed to create an "open blockage pressure system". A bit primitive, but it will work - if you have good hands there is a chance that you won't destroy the house.

Always be careful with flushing clean plumbing pipes. If you don't have the right knowledge or enough D.I.Y experience you can do more damage than good. Without the necessary tools, knowledge or experience it is highly recommended to invite a certified plumber on the scene.

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