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How to Calculate Plumbing Repair Rates

Plumbing repair rates are major considerations when problems occur in a plumbing system. Repair rates vary depending on the specific type of plumbing job required and the region in which your home or office is situated. If you are from a big city, then expect to pay higher than those in small cities as the difference in the cost of living affects plumbing repair rates. The time of the day also influences these rates as plumbing jobs performed during odd hours like late nights or weekends can considerably increase the prices. Nonetheless, there are basically two methods that plumbers use to calculate plumbing quotes.

One of the methods is the Time and Material Pricing basis. The estimated number of hours is multiplied by the per hour rate then the total amount is added to the cost of materials to be used. Majority of repairmen and mechanics utilizes this method of charging. Plumber rate per hour vary from one plumber to another. Experienced plumbers usually charge higher rates than those with minimal years of experience. Handymen and plumber’s assistants who are employed in plumbing companies are paid with lower rates compared with master plumbers who get the highest hourly rate in this industry.

The other method of quote calculation is the Flat Rate Pricing. In this method, rates are determined by the plumbing job involved. Considering that the time to be consumed in completing the job is not taken into consideration in determining the quote, some plumbers charge additional fees in case the job is finished beyond the expected timeframe. This can be very annoying on the part of the homeowners as the extra charge is normally unanticipated. If the plumber you are hiring calculates your quote using this method, make sure to prepare an extra amount just in case an additional fee is charged on you.

Aside from the quote calculation methods mentioned above, some plumbers include a set rate for them to show up for a job. Whether your plumber uses Time and Material Pricing basis or Flat Rate Pricing, you should expect for additional cost for extra materials or working time especially for complicated plumbing tasks.

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