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Plumbing Your inground Swimming Pool with Rigid PVC Pipe

Plumbing an inground swimming pool is going to be a bit different then the normal Pvc piping work you would do with DWV pipe or other wise known as drain, waste or vent pipe.

The Difference Between The Pipe:

Swimming Pools use pumps and filters to circulate and clean the water in the pool. These systems run on a pressure system that requires the pipe to be able to handle any where from 15-40 pounds of pressure and that is why regular DWV pvc pipe will not work and sch 40 or sch 80 pipe is normally code in most towns and states.

The Difference Between The Fittings:

Now that you understand that the pipe is a different gauge, you should know that the fittings are also different that regular DWV pvc fittings. The pvc fittings that you will use with sch 40 pipe will be "pressure fittings". Pressure fitting are different in two ways. The first way they are different is that they are thicker then the normal DWV fitting. The second difference is that the surface area where the fitting accepts the pipe has twice the area creating more of a high pressure durable bond.

Gluing Or Welding the Fittings:

So by now you have learned the difference between the two types of pipes and the two types of fittings, so the next thing is the glue. The good news is that PVC glue or otherwise known as "Pvc Cement" is typically the same for both types of pipe as long as you are using a rigid pipe and not a flex pipe. Flexible pvc pipe will require a different type of cement for the bonding application.
That just about sums up the differences in the pipe, fittings and the glue. Also remember that even the smallest bit of dirt in the glue joints can make your pvc leak, so make sure all the pipe is primed and cleaned well before you go ahead and bond the pipe together.

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