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Electric Central Heating Systems

An electric heater is a type of electrical appliance that transforms electrical energy in heat. The entire system is based on an electrical resistor that is located in every single electric heater and is based on the Joule principle of heating. The electric current that goes through the resistor will transform electrical energy into heat energy. Everything might seem complicated but in fact it is not. Electric central heating systems are very common and widely used.

As time passed electricity has become widely used in central heating systems. There are various ways to use electric heaters or you can not even use them at all. For instance, with some under floor heating systems you can use electric heaters or pumps that are powered by electricity. In both cases we could say we have an under floor electric central heating systems installed. Domestic electric under floor heating systems are referred to as radiant heating systems, even if they are based on a radiator or are powered electrically.

The problem with electric central heating systems stands in the fact that they are not tagged as environmentally friendly. This is because the biggest amount of energy generated is obtained by the use of fossil fuels. Sweden actually banned the use of direct electric heating since 1980 and there are different plans to completely remove it. Denmark also took action and banned the installation of electric space heating in newly built buildings. Modern installations are using heat pumps that can use as heat source warmth found in air or ground. This helps out a lot because there is a cut in electricity consumption and the impact to the environment is considerably reduced.

If you want to operate electric resistance heaters in order to heat an area for a long period of time, you should know that this can be very expensive. If you only plan to use the heating system partially or intermittently then the electric central heating system actually becomes very cost efficient. This fact alone makes the network very popular in office settings and in vacation houses.

The use of ground source heat pumps (GSHP) offers a new type of heat pumps that can be combined into your electric central heating system. Heat is absorbed from the ground and this makes it possible for the GSHP to cool your home during summer and heat it during winter. Electric bills are smaller and the overall efficiency of the system is higher with the use of these heat pumps. Solutions always appear and there is a method of heating a home that is perfect for every individual, although it may not be suited for another.

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