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Install Exhaust Duct - costs and estimates

1. Upgrade Efficiency with an Exhaust Duct
2. How much does it cost to install an exhaust duct?

Exhaust Duct Installation Costs

Installing an exhaust duct is a straightforward project involving a minimum of parts and materials. Often, the job requires three hours of labor at approximately $210. This estimate includes the installation of a watertight roof or wall cap and approximately 10 to 15 feet of metal exhaust ducting to the exterior of the structure. Waterproof exterior flashing will also need to be installed. Once installation is complete, the ducting will be secured and checked for leaks. Materials for this project are relatively inexpensive, usually coming in at between $60 and $75.
It may be necessary to repair the floor or wall where the exhaust duct is installed. This may add between one and two hours of labor to the project and a minimal amount of materials and supplies.
Total labor costs for exhaust duct installation is $160-$170
Install Exhaust Duct - estimates:|-h2|
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