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Leak Detection

Running toilets, burst pipes, dripping faucets and slab leaks are common plumbing flood emergencies that waste gallons of water and thousands of dollars in structural damage. Prompt leak detection and repair will conserve gallons of water and save expensive water related repairs.

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leak detectionPoor workmanship and inferior set up of pipes can lead to residential or commercial plumbing water leaks of all scales. Plumbers also single out lack of periodic plumbing maintenance to toilets, sinks, bathtubs, faucets and drains as a plausible cause of water leaks. Corroded or old pipes, washed-out valves and loose fittings are all responsible for plumbing leaks. Leak detection services save homeowners money that will be otherwise spent on high water bills or expensive water related damage.

Plumbing Tip: After water leak detecting immediately close the specific supply shutoff of the leaky plumbing fixture or otherwise turn off main shutoff located at your water meter.

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Leak Detection

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Leak detectors and video cameras are used to inspect pipelines for gas and water leaks. Plumbers conduct pipeline leak testing under concrete slab, asphalt, and behind walls, and follow with repair or replacement of the damaged section. Special slab leak detection equipment is employed to locate and repair leaky pipes under the concrete foundation of the home.

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