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Bidet Installation
1. Install a Bidet to Improve Hygiene, Reduce Waste
2. How much does it cost to install a bidet?
3. More Americans are deciding to upgrade their bathrooms with a bidet. It's considered a spa-like feature, it reduces the use of toilet paper and provides better personal hygiene.

|h1-|Bidet Installation Costs|-h1|

A plumber will require approximately two hours to install a bidet, resulting in a cost of about $120-$200. The bidet itself may cost as little as $500 or as much as $1,000 or more depending upon the features included like temperature control and air dryers.
The project involves fitting and securing the bidet to an existing drain, connecting the water supply and testing for leaks. Miscellaneous materials and supplies costing about $25 may be required.
4. The cost of the project may increase significantly if a new water source needs to be installed. This could add several hours to the time required and would necessitate much more in the way of materials and supplies. Expect this to add between $200 and $500 to the overall cost.

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