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Install Bath Surround

Update Your Bathroom Easily with a New Tub Surround
"My master bathroom is looking way out of date. How much would it cost to have a new bathtub surround installed?"
The family bathtub takes a beating on a daily basis. After a few years, it really begins to show that wear and tear. One of the easiest ways to update and renew a bathroom is by installing a new tub surround.
Most of these surrounds are made of acrylic, which looks great and is really easy to clean.

Bath Surround Installation Costs

The price of the project depends partially on which tub surround you choose, but the price also varies depending upon the condition of your walls. Bathroom walls that have water damage or structural issues will have to be repaired before the surround is installed. Expect the basic project to cost about $500.

If you have any issues with the walls around your bathtub, then the scope of the project can change dramatically. Expect the total project to cost $800 or more including time, labor and materials.

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