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Getting to know your residential kitchen plumbing can go a long way whether you are planning a kitchen remodeling project or encountering problems with kitchen fixtures, pipes and drains. Hot and cold water supply pipes carry clean water to kitchen faucets, wastewater is drained from sinks through the DWV pipes, and gas supply pipes serve gas stoves. Hot and cold water supply valves are located beneath sinks. In many modern kitchens the sink plumbing includes hookups for a dishwasher, garbage disposer, and many other kitchen appliances.

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Kitchen Plumbing Tips

Stopped sinks, clogged drains, offensive odors and garbage disposer failure are common plumbing problems in the kitchen that require licensed plumbers. The following plumbing tips should help maintain a trouble-free kitchen:

fibrous wasteNever put stringy or fibrous waste into garbage disposals to avoid stubborn obstructions or motor failure.

cold waterSwitch on cold water flow before and after operating your garbage disposer. This will help flush waste through the drainpipe.

oilDon't rinse liquid grease down the drain. Collect congealed grease into a tin and and dispose of in the wastebasket.

aeratorKitchen faucets may spray low water pressure or leak water from their handles because of lime and sediment buildup inside aerator. Carefully unscrew the aerator from the faucet.Use an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar to remove sediment. Reassemble the faucet.

tapPeriodically run your dishwasher empty with a quart of vinegar to maintain a free-flowing drain. Clean the sprayer assembly from food particles to avoid backups that can hinder performance or even shutdown the dishwasher.

clean freezerKeep the refrigerator coils, vents and gasket (seals cold air in the refrigerator) clean at all times. Vacuum the dust off the coils and vents behind the unit. Use warm, soapy water to clean food or dirt that can damage the gasket.

freezerWithout an automatic defroster, be sure to defrost the freezer yourself no later than when ice accumulates to one-quarter-inch thickness.

water filterBefore purchasing water filters check the contents of your water supply for adequate filtration.

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