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Laundry Room

Laundry room plumbing is all about washing machines and dryers. Every washing machine performs four cycles – fills water, washes clothes, drains spent water, and spins dry clothes. Washers are made from many devices that, when they fail, are best left to service professionals and not DIY fans.

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Common Laundry Room Problems

Some of the most common residential plumbing problems in the laundry room include:

Burst Washer Drain Hose
Burst washer drain hoses cause washing machine floods. Statistics show that washer drain pump failure causes $170 million in water related damages to homes in the United States and Canada each year. Regular black washing machine drain pipes are prone to failure at their copper alloy coupling. Overtime water hones the thin sheets of copper alloy coupling to a razor-sharp edge. When the hose bends at the coupling, this sharp edge will slice open the pipe. This is called "razoring". To avoid split washer drain pipes, have the plumber install "no-burst” stainless-steel mesh hoses and lever-type shutoff valves to turn off hot and cold water when the washer is not used.

Sewer or Septic Tank Failure
Residential washing machines produce large volumes of non-biodegradable lint that can plug sewer lines or drainfields of septic tanks and lead to sewage backups. A washing machine lint filter will block lint from entering the drain, and prevent sewer backflows or septic tank failure.

Shaking or Vibrating
A shaking or vibrating washer is the result of improper positioning or out of balance wash load. The floor beneath the washer must be strong, flat, and level to provide maximum support for the water filled machine to work properly under the heavy load. Correct an out of balance load by adjusting the clothes evenly inside the washer's tub.

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Washing Machine Brands

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