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How to Avoid Scam Plumbing Services

It is easy to get cheated by plumbing contractors, because it is often difficult to judge plumbing costs. Here are some tips to help you to identify trustworthy plumbing services.

If plumbers send you a quote without making a visual inspection, it is the first sign of a possible scam. In any case you should only accept a detailed written estimate from the plumbing contractor before starting the job. Do not accept any kind of verbal contracts.
Plumbers sometimes tend to use pressure or scare tactics especially for elderly people and then increase plumbing costs unnecessarily. Also, midway through the job if the plumber decides to change the contract, it is apparent that he is not a professional plumber.

Furthermore, plumbing costs may differ from one plumber to another, but if one plumbing company gives unusually low quotes, it could be a cause for suspicion and needs to be checked out. Plumbers who only take cash or under-the-table payments are also to be avoided, as they do not give a receipt for their work.

Any plumbing services that you take should be from a plumbing company which has identification and preferably referrals. Plumbers who ask for high prepayment may not be trustworthy; just 10 percent prepayment for a job could be accepted.

A good plumbing contractor should begin with a plumbing consultation. After discussing your needs and expectations of the repair or renovation job, he should provide you with a written quote containing the details of the job and the costs. Also, plumbers should be able to provide you with answers to all your questions. There is no standard price list for plumbing services, but the hourly rates are between $45 and $65, and emergency plumbing services are rated higher.

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