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Ceiling Leaks

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Ceiling-LeaksStains on ceilings are good indicators of water or moisture problems. Ceiling leaks are no picnic, especially when you cannot determine from where the water is coming from. Is it the roof? Upstairs bathroom? Second guessing the source of the ceiling leak will not bring you closer to a solution. To avoid costly complications, it's best to call a licensed plumber with leak detection experience to address the ceiling leak accordingly.

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Main Causes of Ceiling Leaks

Ignoring damp ceiling stains can have disastrous implications to the infrastructure of your home as well as to the health of your family. Letting water pool under the surface without providing immediate treatment can cause expensive drywall and structural damage in addition to hazardous mold growth.

Roof Leaks

Roof-LeaksYou can recognize a roof leak just be looking at the stain it leaves on your ceiling. The stain will be made of a dark center surrounded by concentric rings that get more and more lighter as they move outward. Many rings around a dark center indicate that the roof has been leaking for quiet a long time. Finding the source of the leak on the roof is extremely difficult and requires special equipment. Your best bet is calling an experienced plumber that can find and repair the roof leak quickly and effectively.

Condensation Leaks

Condensation-LeaksWhen you spot several small stains on a ceiling panel near an exterior wall, condensation is most probably the root of the problem. Condensation leaks are caused by moisture buildup in the home. Call professional plumbers to reduce moisture built-up in the home and eliminate condensation stains.

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