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Copper Pipes

Copper Pipe And Its Uses
Copper pipe or also referred to as copper tubing in used in many aspects of plumbing for residential, commercial, and even industrial applications.

Some uses for copper pipe in the home are domestic water lines, heating lines and in some cases for the a/c lines as well. The nice thing about copper pipe is that it can be used in many ways and used in tons of applications.

Copper tubing can be sweated together, bent to form, and even braised for a more high pressure seal. There are a few ways that copper tubing can be bought. Two of the most common ways are in stick lengths or rolls.

Stick lengths are commonly used by plumbers for water lines and heating lines above the slab on most buildings, while rolls of copper tubing are used under ground applications such as slab plumbing and water line mains to the house.

There are also different types of gauges and thicknesses of copper as well, some common types of copper pipe are M pipe, and L pipe. The different types of tubing are meant for different types of uses. For example a M Class of copper tubing is generally used for heat in most northern states, yet is allowed for domestic water applications in the south even though the pipe is thinner then L pipe, but this is also depending on the use and plumbing code of each state and county.

Depending on what type of application you are looking to plumb will depend on the type of copper you use and the way you are going to make connections.

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