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Plumber Cost Per Hour

"How much plumbers cost"? is the number one question all customers ask when confronted with a plumbing problem. When a plumber is called, most people want to know an approximate charge as plumber cost per hour differs from one company to another. Plumber labor rates are mainly dependent on the nature of the job, parts replaced and travel time. Travel time can definitely increase your plumbing charges, especially if the service provider needs to procure some parts and material from different places.

Average Plumber Rates Per Hour

The following table lists average plumber hourly rates.

Type of Plumbing Contractors National Hourly Rate in $
Journeyman Plumber 17.59 - 26.49
Master Plumber 19.56 - 30.14
Apprentice Plumber 13.67
Plumber 17.93
Lead Plumber / Foreman 24.07

(source PayScale, Nov 2010)

NOTE: The above average hourly fees are provided for informational purposes only. Aplumbers are not responsible for plumbing rates given by different service providers to their customers. It is recommended to shop for at least three plumbing quotes before hiring a plumber of your choice. For your complete convenience – submit the form on your right to receive multiple plumbing estimates.

Some people choose to save on the cost of plumbing repairs by adopting a DIY approach. If you don’t call a plumber and decide to undertake the repairs on your own, the problem may only escalate beyond your control, forcing you to pay high plumbing fees to solve the emergency.

Of course emergency services provided by plumbers are naturally priced higher than non emergency repairs. This is because emergency services are usually offered round-the-clock and the plumbers who attend to repairs in the middle of the night are working outside regular business hours, and probably overtime too. Also, the travel involved increases plumbing costs.

When you choose a plumber for any kind of repair, credibility is of utmost importance. Most of the time plumbers who overcharge customers are unlicensed and incompetent for the job. They extract money from the customers often by charging them for a repair, which may not be required at all. Choose a plumber with a good professional reputation and a fair pricing system. Do not get tempted and select the plumber who has quoted the lowest price, because you should value better customer service and high quality work.

Need a plumbing estimate? Submit the form on your right to receive estimates from plumbers in your area.

Before you begin your plumbing repairs you should get a detailed estimate from the plumbing company. Let the plumber evaluate your repairs and quote his prices for the job. He may recommend additional repairs, which may be necessary in order to avert future repairs, but a professional plumbing company will present the estimate with the necessary recommendations and let you decide whether to get the repairs done now, later, or at all.

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