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Clogged Drain

Professional plumbers will clean and open a clogged drain for a smooth water flow and home plumbing system. Give us a call or fill up the form and get a quote for the job


Our plumbing drainage system is composed of a drain, waste and vent line. Plumbing drain pipes slope downwards and remove wastewater from plumbing fixtures with the force of gravity. From shower drains to bathtub drains and kitchen sink drains - a drain line links each plumbing fixture to a sanitary sewer that transports all wastewater away from the home and into a city sewer facility or septic system. Each drain must be properly vented or at least served by a pipe to raise sewer gasses out through the roof.

Clogged drain? - contact us for the following drain plumbing services, including but not limited to:

Drain Traps

TrapsLocated between the plumbing fixture and drain line is a P or S shaped trap that contains a water seal. Water seals in drain traps prevent sewer gasses and offensive odors from penetrating homes and buildings.

Drain Sizing

Dimension and FormTypically made of cast iron, plastic and copper, plumbing drainpipes have a larger diameter than water lines. A large drain diameter of 4 to 10 cm minimizes the odds of obstructions. Shower drains are usually 5 cm in diameter, toilet drains are about 10 cm in diameter, and kitchen sinks and bathtub drains are served by 4-5 cm pipes.

Clogged Drains

Clogged DrainsDespite a larger diameter, blocked drains are still common plumbing troubles. Solid matter including grease, fat, hair, soap scum and general debris builds up somewhere along the pipe and slows remarkably, if not completely restricts, the drainage of waste water from sinks, toilets and bathtubs. With the right how to plumbing tips on drain maintenance you can remove clogs by unscrewing the trap through the clean-out valve. In many areas tree roots invade outside pipes and plug drains. In times of tree root intrusion, plumbers will frequently replace the damaged section of the pipes.

Drain Pipe Materials

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