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Common Plumbing Problems

Common Plumbing ProblemsCommon plumbing problems are easily repaired by plumbers with the relevant professional experience to back up their work. Indeed finding the right plumbing solution is no challenge for plumbing companies, yet without the appropriate plumbing know-how we can keep guessing the correct treatment. If you too are not familiar with do it yourself plumbing repair, save yourself the trouble and energy that is invested in such work, and call in your local plumber.

24/7 emergency plumbers and comprehensive plumbing service providers tackle troubling plumbing malfunctions for you. Equipped with professional plumbing tools and supplies, trained and licensed plumbers carry out extensive repairs, replacements and installations at competitive plumbing costs to your complete satisfaction.

Don't let common plumbing problems escalate into complex plumbing emergencies. Provide prompt solutions by submitting the form on your right to receive plumbing quotes for repair, replacement and installation services.

Familiarize yourself with the root of common plumbing problems:

Common Toilet Problems

Plumbing Problem Symptoms Plumbing Diagnosis
Noisy Toilets Abnormal sounds after flushing Damaged fill valve
Running Toilets Continuous water running with the capacity to waste up to 200g of water in 24 hours Defective flapper
Offensive Toilet Odor Strong sewage smell
  • burst pipe
  • defective wax ring
  • Insufficient water in bowl
Toilet Clogs
  • Slow if not no drainage of water from bowl
  • Improper or no flushing
  • Bathroom flooding
Build-up of waste matter/tissue paper in the pipes
Poor Flushing Toilet does not flush completely tank's float ball set too high or too low

Common Shower Problems

Plumbing Problem Symptoms Plumbing Diagnosis
Clogged Showerhead Limited water flow or thin jets of water Accumulation of mineral deposits to be removed or dissolved
Shower Leaks Paddles of water in or around shower enclosure A defective or worn shower part in need of repair or replacement
Water temperature Fluctuations Sudden bursts of cold water during hot showers – often happens when another plumbing fixture is turned on simultaneously
  • Clogged, rusty or corroded water plumbing pipes
  • Closed or swollen hot water shutoff valve
  • Blown pilot light in gas water heaters
  • Damaged temperature control or defective thermocouple in water heaters
  • Sediment buildup in the water heater's tank

Common Bathtub Problems

Plumbing Problem Symptoms Plumbing Diagnosis
Foul odors Bathtub's drain emits sewage odors into the room
  • Broken or leaky trap
  • Dry trap due to infrequent use of bath
Blocked drain Slow to no water drainage Accumulation of bodily fats and grease, soap scum and hair along the drainpipe

Common Kitchen Fixture Problems

Plumbing Problem Symptoms Plumbing Diagnosis
Low water pressure/water temperature fluctuations Turning on the sink taps reduce water pressure or leads to temperature fluctuations throughout the plumbing fixtures in home
  • Damaged aerators
  • Rotting cold or hot water pipes
  • Defective plumbing parts
  • Incorrect sink installation
Foul Odors See common bathtub problems
Sink stoppages/Clogged sink Slow to no water drainage
  • Rusty drainpipes
  • Accumulation of debris in drain
Garbage Disposal
  • Screeching sounds when appliances is turned on
  • Slow to no working
  • Burned out motor
  • Blocked drain
  • Clogged blades

Common Water Heater Problems

Plumbing Problem Symptoms Plumbing Diagnosis
Low to no hot water supply Running out of hot water during showering
  • Sediment build up in water tank
  • Defective dip tube due to rust or wear and tear
  • Accumulation of mineral deposits in water tank
  • Faulty drain valves
Noisy water heater
  • Sediment build up in water tank
  • Defective plumbing parts
  • Improper installation of unit
  • High setting of temperature

Other Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing Problem Symptoms Plumbing Diagnosis
Water Hammer Water running through the pipes contains energy. If water supply is suddenly turned off this energy will cause loud banging sound, also termed the "water hammer" effect
  • Sudden valve closure
  • Improper absorption of water energy due to leaky air cushioning in pipe
Whistling Pipes Water flowing through a restricted section of the pipe causes a whistling sound as a plumbing fixture is turned on
  • Sediment build up in pipe
  • Defective valve
Rattling Pipes Water pressure running through a loosely attached pipe causes vibration. When the pipe vibrates against something solid the rattling sound is created Cushioning around and securing loose pipe
Creaking Pipes Running hot water in pipe will heat up material and cause a slight pipe expansion. As hot water stops running, the pipe cools off and the metal contracts. Pipe's expansion and contraction are responsible for the creaking or cracking noise Insulate around pipe or create space for the pipe to expand and contract
Metal Pipe Corrosion Colored tap water Pipes filled with harmful minerals (rust, dirt, sediment)
Burst pipes Emergency plumbing flooding or water leaks Water in pipe freezes and expands to burst open the pipe
burst pipePlumbing Tip – proper insulation of pipes before winter will prevent freezing/burst pipes plumbing emergencies
Basement Flooding water built up in soil due to heavy rainfall or melting snow penetrates basement Installation of flood proofing device, namely sump pump together with a back up pump
Gas Leaks Distinctive gas odor Ruptured gas pipe requires immediate evacuation of home or office

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