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Replace & Install

Plumbing repairs often enough involve plumbing replacement parts and plumbing installations. Plumbers perform replace & install services of all scales, and further issue plumbing installation guidance and how to plumbing information to supplement do it yourself repairs.

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Plumbing Replacements

Plumbing replacements of new pipes and installations of plumbing fixtures must follow the Plumbing Code appropriate to your locality. Plumbers will arrive equipped with the right plumbing tools for the job at hand. Taking precise measurements of the replacement parts to be installed, or even of the designated space is important to ensure successful outcomes.

Pipe Material vs Pipe Function

Replacing pipes and fittings should be left to the plumber, or at least conducted under professional supervision. From water to wastewater and gas - the substance which the pipe holds determines the type of material that makes up that specific line.

Pipe Material Pipe Function
Rigid Plastic PVC Rigid Plastic - PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Drain Systems/ Cold Water Supply/Venting
Rigid Plastic CPVC Rigid Plastic - CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) Hot and cold potable water supply
Rigid Plastic ABS Rigid Plastic – ABS (Acrylonitrice Butadiene Styrene) Drain Systems
Flexible Plastic PB Flexible Plastic - PB (Polybutylene) Exposed supply tubes (i.e. under sink)
Flexible Plastic PE Flexible Plastic – PE (Polyethylene) Outdoor cold water supply
Black Iron Black Iron Gas Supply
Black Plastic (PBT) Black Plastic (PBT) /Cast Iron Exposed Drains & Vents
Copper Copper Water/Gas Supply

Avoid Plastic Pipe Erosion Plumbing Tip - Plastic plumbing pipes will gradually weaken after prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight. For this reason plastic plumbing pipes should not be installed in over heated zones or in areas exposed to direct sunlight.

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