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Sewer Maintenance

Sewer backflows, tree root intrusion, and a poor drainage system frequently result from lack of sewer maintenance. The improper disposal of eggshells, oil, grease, cat litter or coffee grounds down garbage disposals, toilets, and sewer manholes may plug sewer lines. Homeowners are responsible for the working order of their sewer laterals (pipes connecting homes to main sewers) just the same as septic tank owners are accountable for their private home sewage treatment system.

Tree root intrusion? Sewer backflow? Poor drainage? Don't delay repair. Fill the form on your right and receive plumbing estimates on a wide range of sewer repair and maintenance work by local plumbers.

Sewer cleaning and septic pumping will keep your plumbing system trouble free. When you lack the time to carry out plumbing sewer maintenance, it is highly recommended to call plumbers for professional sewer services or septic cleaning.

Whether you have a sewer lateral or septic tank - avail of the following sewage maintenance tips:

Sewer Maintenance

greaseDon't rinse cooking fats and grease in kitchen sinks. Wipe off or collect in a tin and throw to the wastebasket.
diaperDon't flush non dissolvable waste down toilets. Throw solid waste like wet towels, diapers and hygiene products in wastebaskets only.
root intrusionDon't plant trees and plants with spreading roots near sewer laterals to avoid tree root intrusion.
baking sodaConduct weekly drain cleaning maintenance to keep your drains free-flowing. Pour ¼ cup of baking soda down the drain followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. Wait a few minutes before rinsing mixture with boiling water.
Sewer Backflow DevicesInstall Sewer Backflow Devices (SBDs) to avoid the backflow of contaminates into the drinking water of the home.
maintanenceHave a professional plumber conduct periodical sewer line inspections to rule out or nip in the bud major obstructions.

Septic Tank Maintenance

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