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Sewer Line Cleaning Experts

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The most basic and common approach is to use a drain snake. This is a long cable, often made from metal that is flexible enough to go down and around any bends in the sewer line.
Sewer Line CleaningMost professional plumbers have drain snakes that are 50 feet or longer in length so that the majority of clogs can be reached easily. A minor clog can be broken up using the drain snake in minutes. Although the drain snake can break up the clog and clear the sewer line, it is not actually cleaning the entire line. To clean a sewer line and remove all clogs large and small, the most effective option is a high-pressure hose. This can remove the clog and any residue that has built up within the sewer lines. Generally, a high-pressure hose, also known as a water jetter, will be more expensive than using the drain snake. However, it may work better and mean that homeowners only have to address the problem once instead of every few months.

Sewer Line Cleaning Costs

Sewer line cleaning cost may be at a flat fee per project or an hourly rate of $45-$150 or more. While some might provide a rough estimate over the phone, many will want to see the project before giving a firm quote. Hiring a plumbing company to clean a sewer line can cost $50-$450 for a simple obstruction. And this depends on local rates, company rates, the difficulty in clearing the clog and the time of the service call.

Sewer line cleaning estimate

Get a sewer line cleaning estimate. No matter if that's a routine maintenance or a clogged sewer line- contact us for an estimate provided by leading local plumbers in your area

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