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Septic Tank Cleaning, Repair & Installation

In planning out to establish a home-based septic system or septic tank, start out by making inquiries on how much septic tank installation would cost. It may depend on local labor and material rates in a certain state. The location of the house can also affect the cost of a septic tank. In those homes where the soil is harder to drain, septic tank installation is bound to cost more. The parameters included in septic tank costs are installation, maintenance and repair cost. A professional and experienced septic tank installer will be able to provide you with all the relevant details.

Septic tank costs vary on the size and type of materials used in a septic tank. The larger the needed septic tank in order to accommodate a certain household, the higher its cost. Usually, standardized tanks are made of steel, concrete, and fiberglass. Septic tanks that are made of concrete materials are generally installed in urban areas or in a vicinity where septic tanks are of importance. These tanks can provide excellent service without the need of regular maintenance. The typical septic tank can accommodate at least 1000 gallons of water waste amounting to approximately $500-$700.

Septic Tank Installation

There are different types of septic systems available in a specific area and their installation cost depends on the preference of the client. The commonly installed septic systems are the following:

An additional septic system cost for required materials will be needed to complete the installation. This includes the pipes that will serve as the passageway for wastewater from the toilet, sink and bathroom to the tank. The projected installation cost of a septic tank is around $3000-$5000. But for those states which have high labor charges, expect to spend as much as $5000 - $8000. Installing an aerobic system would cost around $6000-$10000.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Various septic systems may require frequent maintenance but there are also types of septic systems that do not need regular cleaning or pumping. The annual cost of septic tank pumping for a drainfield septic system would run from $30-$500. On the other hand, conventional gravel septic systems need to be cleaned and pumped once in every 1 – 3 years. Maintenance for peat filter system is the most expensive since you need to pay as much as $1700 yearly. Enza powder is the usual cleanser used to prevent clogging of drain lines.

Septic Tank Repair

To some extent of disregard, there arise major problems. Repairs for septic tank only happen when there is poor maintenance. Repair cost is usually expensive but replacing broken pipes can be much cheaper. The repairing cost would most likely range between $1500 - $3000.

Septic tank systems cost is based on different parameters and factors. Whether you are installing a septic tank or are in need of repair, the type of septic tank you choose, and even your location - these are all details that are taken into account when septic tank pricing is determined.

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