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Running Water

listenThe constant sound of running water can certainly drive one crazy. Much more than a minor nuisance, running water along with unusually high water bills and a spinning water meter point to a leaking source in or around your home. Make it a point to survey you home for running water problems to conserve water, lower water bills and save money.

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Water Leaks

Tracing the sound to its source may bring you face to face with the water leak. However not all water leaks are easily traceable just by following the sound of running water. In many cases you will have to summon a plumber for professional leak detection and repair.

If you can trace the sound of running water to a specific plumbing fixture, it will probably be the toilet. Running toilets leak out gallons of water and can increase water bills by as much as $500. Although any sort of repair should be left to licensed plumbers, DIY fans can avail of the following steps to fix minor toilet leaks.

To Repair a Running Toilet

1. Lift the tank lid. If the tank is empty and not filling after flushing the toilet, most likely the flapper is stuck open. Readjust the flapper.
2. If the tank is full, flapper is closed and water is running over the overflow tube but the toilet keeps on flushing – try adjusting the valve and float. Use your hand to pull up the float. If this stops the flow, simply adjust the position of the float so the tank stops filling when water levels reach an inch (2.5cm) below the top of the overflow tube.
3. Check for leaks using the dye test. Place a few drops of color dye in the tank. If after half an hour colored water appears in the bowl without flushing, water is slowly leaking from the tank. A worn flapper is a common cause for a toilet leak. Replacing the whole part new will probably stop the slow water leak.

Slab Leaks

leakThe constant sound of running water also indicates the formation of slab leaks - hidden water leaks that occur in underground water lines or sanitary sewer pipes. Aside from high water bills, slab leaks waste gallons of water and thousands of dollars in structural damage. Poor piping installation, inferior products, high water pressure, electrolysis or rusty pipes can all bring about slab leaks in the home.

Slab Leak Signs

If you notice the following signs, chances are you have a slab leak:

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