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temporary fix"Drip, drip, drip" is the sound of dripping water that many homeowners decide to ignore rather than fix. But what starts as the odd drip can soon develop into a full scale water leak with costly implications. A water drip is caused by the hard use and abuse of plumbing fixtures. Dripping faucets or leaky showerheads are the most common water problems in the home as well as the easiest to repair.

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Dripping Faucets or Showerheads

A dripping faucet or showerhead can waste $20 - multiply that by the number of dripping fixtures in your home to calculate how much money is literally going down the drain. Repairing dripping water sources around the home will stop the irritating "drip, drip" sound, cut down water wastage and spare homeowners costly water related damage.

Turning off a faucet presses the washer tightly against the faucet seat and creates a watertight seal that holds back incoming water from dripping out of the spout. Worn washers or seats will not be able to create this seal so that beads of water can seep through and drip, drip, drip down the drain. Replacing or repairing worn faucet parts will probably rectify the problem.

faucetTo Fix a Dripping Faucet:
1. Turn off water supply to the dripping faucet.
2. Remove handle and study faucet assembly. Remove packing nut and take out the stem of the faucet.
3. Replace old washer with a new, equivalent part. Fasten new washer back on the stem. Reinstall packing nut and handle.
4. Turn water supply back on and test again for water leaks.

If you don't have the right tools it is highly recommended to call professional plumbers to repair the dripping faucet on your behalf.

To Fix a Shower Drip:
1. Turn off water supply to a dripping showerhead.
2. Use a wrench to unscrew showerhead.
3. Remove and inspect the rubber gasket inside the showerhead. If it stains your hands with black residue, replace the gasket new.
4. Select the right sized o-ring and replace. Push the new ring flat inside showerhead.
5. Thread showerhead into place. Switch on water supply and test for water leaks.
6. Try fastening the showerhead if the dripping problem persists. Call a plumber for professional repair if a tightened shower head still drips out beads of water.

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