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Burst pipes, sewer backups or sump pump failure are all water problems that cause flooding emergencies. Regular home plumbing inspections can be performed to rule out or nip in the bud brewing flood-related problems, and help avoid expensive flood damage repair. Left untreated, a leaking pipe can escalate out of proportion and flood your home when you least expect it.

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Flooding Protection Tips

Avail of the following home flood protection tips to eliminate water flooding emergencies:

sump pumpBefore winter check the sump pump for efficient water removal to prevent a flooding basement during heavy rain falls. Have a back up pump installed and ready to kick in should the main pump fail.
leakAddress small leaks as they occur to prevent flooding and hazardous mold growth.

plumberQuick flood cleanup is essential to damage control the emergency. Before deciding to remove water without professional help assess whether structural damage can occur in the extra time it may take you, as opposed to a plumber equipped with the necessary gear for quick and easy water removal.

drainClean drains on a regular basis and flush out minor obstructions to avoid sewer backups that may flood the home with contaminated waste.

Sewer-Backflow-DevicesInstall a backflow prevention device on your sewer lateral if your home is prone to chronic sewer backflows.

Remember that having a flooded home due to plumbing complications can be avoided in the very first place. Preventive flooding maintenance will go a long way at keeping your property dry year round.

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