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Bathtub Faucet Replacement

A leaky bathtub faucet is a problem that should be solved promptly both for your own personal convenience and for environmental reasons. Bathtub faucet replacement means more than just making your home life more convenient, it actually helps to conserve water on a much larger scale. The repair of one bathtub faucet leak can save gallons of water every year so we highly recommend bathtub faucet replacement as soon as you notice any trouble. Read on to find out what kind of bathtub faucet repair you need and decide whether you would prefer to call a professional plumber or attempt bathtub faucet replacement yourself.

Bathtub Faucet Installation

The majority of leaky bathtub faucet troubles are caused by parts of the installation that have been worn out, such as the gaskets, rubber washers or cartridges. It's important to know the faucet design before beginning bathtub faucet installation. Most faucets are designed in one of two ways: the traditional washer design and the cartridge design. The washer design has a rubber washer that tightens the block of water flow. These kinds of faucet drips are handled by changing the washers. Newer faucet designs have a cartridge, meaning that in order to fix bathtub faucets of this kind, you'll most likely need to change the cartridge.

To check your bathtub faucet design, see whether the handle becomes more difficult to turn when you try and shut it off. If the faucet stops leaking when you turn it tightly then you most likely have the traditional bathtub faucet design. A crucial point to keep in mind for bathtub faucet repair is that you must shut off the water in the whole house prior to beginning bathtub faucet installation. Generally, we advise calling a plumbing professional to handle your leaky bathtub faucet repair needs.

Bathtub Faucet Installation costs


When it comes to having a bathtub faucet installed, you'll have to buy the faucet, pay for labor and materials and also consider disposal costs. Bathtub faucets are available in an array of styles and finishes. Obviously, the more deluxe models are going to be pricier. You can get affordable styles that cost about $30, but these don't usually hold up well. Faucets costing several hundred dollars are also available. Most people go with models between $100 and $400. It may take as many as three hours to complete the project, meaning labor will cost around $210. Additional materials will be approximately $40 while disposal of the old faucet runs about $20.
The Labor part for bathtub faucet installation stands on the wide range between $70-$220

While you're getting a new faucet, it may be the perfect time to replace your bathtub. Tubs are generally priced at $200 and up and will involve additional labor hours at approximately $70 per hour.
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