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Data Analysis March 2010: More Members and More Visitors for APlumbers Growing Network

4/22/10 - APlumbers popularity as an online plumbing directory is continuing to grow among nationwide plumbers according to data for March 2010. "Plumbing marketing is the lifeblood of every plumbing business" says APlumbers spokesperson, David Jones, "…no matter how skilled a plumber you are, if your phone does not ring you will go out of business…This is exactly where APlumbers enters the picture…we provide an online advertising platform for plumbers in all 50 states to advertise their business on our network and achieve high plumbing exposure that sells 24/7 in their locality".

The following data refers to APlumbers network activities for March 2010:

The above data confirms that March 2010 was a prosperous month for APlumbers network. "With the growing number of plumbing contractors joining our network" says Jones, "as for now about 22% of the population of US can find a plumber in their locality using APlumbers".

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