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Statistical Data June 2010

Like previous months, June too was not an exception in terms of the steady growth of aplumbers.com. Statistics for June 2010 reveal that more than 60 plumbing providers chose aplumber.com as the optimal internet platform to advertise their services, and over 20,000 people visited aplumbers.com. For more information on the activity of APlumbers in June 2010 just check out the following statistical data:

65 new plumbers joined aplumbers.com during June 2010, a growth of 7.4% in new advertisers compared to May.

- 8 opted for the Gold program and received an eye
catching advertisement on all 3 of APlumbers plumbing network websites - www.emergency-plumbing.com, www.commercial-plumbing.com and www.aplumbers.com.

- 10 selected the Silver program and received an eye catching advertisement on their respective location pages on APlumbers.

- 47 added their business details for free on the Free Section on APlumbers.

More than 24, 000 people used aplumbers.com to find plumbers servicing their area. Traffic grow by approximately 9.1% compared to last month, and was mostly generated by organic results in search engines and advertisements.

Not one, but two cities, Washington DC and Los Angeles, generated most of the leads submitted through the site.

Since June opens the home selling season, more and more homeowners are contacting plumbers to service their plumbing before putting their home on the market. Our statistics validate this by showing that home plumbing inspections and water supply line servicing were the most popular jobs requested.

Aplumbers network, that is aplumbers.com, emergency-plumbing.com and commercial-plumbing.com, turned over an equal number of leads.

Over 23% of the generated leads were by means of online forms submitted to APlumbers network.

According to APlumbers spokesperson, David Jones, "far reaching, extensive and nationwide is how we see aplumbers network, and we are certainly backed up by the monthly statistical data…we are dedicated to provide high quality leads to all our advertisers and service friendly plumbing information to all our visitors".

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