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Aplumbers Monthly Activity January 2011

The following data reviews APlumbers activity for January 2011:

26 plumbing companies joined, a growth rate of 2.4 % in new members compared to December 2010.

- 2 opted for the Gold program and received an eye catching advertisement on www.emergency-plumbing.com, www.commercial-plumbing.com and www.aplumbers.com.

- 1 selected the Silver program and received a prominent advertising spot on their service area pages on Aplumbers.

- 86 listed their business details for free on our Free Listings Section.

33,000 people visited aplumbers during January. Traffic grew by 10.0 % since December. This traffic was mostly generated by organic results in search engines and from advertisements.

Boston Plumber generated the highest number of leads for January.

Burst pipes handling was the most common plumbing job requested.

Online forms generated over 28% of the leads submitted to APlumbers network.

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