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A.O. Smith

The A.O Smith has been doing business since 1936. They were one of the first companies to bring the public their great line of boilers and water heaters. One of the better boilers is the A.O Smith Burkay Legend 2000; this boiler is a high efficiency Hot Water Supply and Hydronic Heating Boiler. This style of boiler offers 90 percent of thermal efficiency which is very important with prices rising on everything these days. If you can get the maximum amount of energy from a boiler then this is the boiler for you.

It has a patented gas and air mixture set at the right amount for the best function, this boiler has to offer. This boiler has a Hot Surface Ignition that allows safety at 120 volts. It is a removable ignition that can be removed without pulling the boiler out. The Legend 2000 is available in 3 models LX-500 has a vent size of 6. The BTU is 500,000. The LX-750 has a vent size of 6 and a BTU of 750,000 and LX-1000 has a vent size of 7 and the BTU is 1,000,000. Great for commercial use.

The Conversationist Burkay Copper Coil Gas boiler. This boiler has an 82 percent thermal efficiency. It is rustproof because when water comes in to contact with copper, brass or bronze and nothing else. The Copper wall combustion chamber has coils that are wound so tightly around the copper tubing from the one of a kind combustion chamber.

It is available in models HW-120M, HW-160M, HW-200M, HW-225M. The HW-120 has a BTU of natural and propane gas of 120,000. The HW-160M has a BTU of 160,000, the HW-200M has a BTU of 199,000 and the HW-225M is rated at 225,000 BTU for natural gas only.

The Burkay Genesis Space Saver is a Mid Range Gas Boiler. It has an 84 percent thermal efficiency. It is for commercial use and the applications for this boiler have no limits. It would work great in an apartment building or a school. This gas boiler has very low emissions. It is easy to hook up and maintain. The models are GW/GWO-200 has a BTU of 199,900; the GW/GWO-300 it has a 300,000 BTU, the GW/GWO-400 has a BTU of 399,900. The model GW\GWO-500 and has a BTU of 500,000, the GW/GWO-650 has a BTU of 650,000 and model GW/GWO-750 and has a BTU of 750,000.

You can find A.O Smith Boilers at your local plumbing supply house or contact your local heating contractor. They will be able to help you get you what you are looking for.

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