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Sharkbite Plumbing

Sharkbite Plumbing Push-Fit Fittings
Sharkbite plumbing push-fit fittings are very common and are also popular among plumbers from all around the world. This is because they are especially designed to allow a simplification of pipe installation. To put it simple, these fittings will allow users to connect pieces of pipes in different seconds with ease. The utilized push-fit connection system will produce an easier and faster way to join PEX, CPVC or copper pipes in any combination present. You can actually use them to switch to one type of pipe to another. Also, if you want to disassemble the connections you will see that it is very easy to do with the use of a special, simple disconnect tool known as a De mount Clip. What is special is that the Sharkbite plumbing fittings can be rotated in order to allow an easier installation when in hard to reach spaces, even after being assembled.

All Sharkbite plumbing push-fit fittings come with a series of advantages that you should know about. First off, they are easy to install and uninstall thanks to an instant push-fit connection. They come with a certification of up to 200 PSI and 200 degrees Fahrenheit resistance combined with a composition of solid body DZR brass. There are different certifications available in various regions so you should check with a local plumber’s office to see what you are allowed to use them with but there is a big chance they are certified for most materials including copper, CPVC and PEX. To make it even better, Sharkbite plumbing fittings can be used underground and even behind walls without the need of an access panel installation. You do not have to use clamps, unions, special glue or soldering. This immediately increases the ease of utilization while actually decreasing the time spent in installation, thus saving on labor costs. You can even do the connections yourself if you have medium plumbing knowledge. Another positive aspect is that you are most likely able to reuse the fittings so you can again save money on various modification to your plumbing system.

Sharkbite plumbing push-fit fittings are available at most specialized shops and sometimes come with installation instructions. Investing in them is a good choice although you will find it that they are a little more expensive than regular plumbing fittings. On the other hand, you can save money on time spent in installation and can reuse them.

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