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American Standard

The American Standard Company is also known as the Ideal Standard in Europe. American Standard is a global provider of air conditioning systems as well as bath and kitchen and even vehicle control system. The company is an S & P 500 and Fortune 500 company; they have a net sale in 2004 of over 9.5 billion dollars. The American Standard Company offers a bathroom and kitchen fixtures, such as faucets and taps, Air conditioning systems and services, that are sold under the Trane and American Standard brands.

They also provide electronic braking, stability, suspension and transmission control under the name of WABCO. The company dates back to 1872, a man a named John Pierce opened up a tin ware shop in Massachusetts. He later opened a shop called Pierce Steam Heating Company, this company along with the American Radiator Company and the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company which was founded in 1857 formed the American Standard Company.

Each company's combined products were found in as many as 3 out of 5 homes in the United States and Europe. The company name of American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Company was used in business for the next 20 years, since most people referred to the company as the American Standard Company; the company officially changed its name in 1948.

By 1968, the WABCO has merged with the American Standard Company and the American Standard dropped the hyphen from its name as the company was now known as American Standard. By 1984, Trane had joined the American Standard Family and in 1999, American Standard bought control of the United Kingdom based Armitage Shanks and Ceramica Dolomite of Italy and Blue Circle Industries for $ 430 million United States Dollars.

American Standard is one of the biggest companies around, there products are top quality; they offer bathtubs, bidets', faucets, furniture, showers, sink, toilets and whirlpools. You can find these products at any local hardware store such as Home Depot and Lowes.

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