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Moen is a very popular and well known manufacturer of faucets and other plumbing supplies; the company was created by an inventor named Al Moen and is located in North Olmstead, Ohio. Originally Moen was a part of the Ravenna Metal Products located in Seattle, Washington but in 1956, the company joined forces with a company called Stanadyne. Stanadyne was taken over by a company called Forstmann-Little and Company in 1988. But finally today, the Moen Corp is a part of a consumer products holding company called Fortune Brands.

Moen is known for their very stylish designs in faucets and other plumbing fixtures. Moen today is the number one brand of faucets in North America. They also have a long line of kitchen sinks and bath accessories. Moen is a company in the plumbing industry that has been the first company to do a lot of things. They were the first company to have the washer less cartridge system that replaces the seals and washers to make faucet maintenance easy. They were the first company to have the Swing n Spray aerator that can change the flow of water that starts as a stream and ends in a spray.

The also introduced the Riser family of faucets that is capable of lifting 10 inches above the sink. They were the first company to offer life time warranties on all of the products; they also had the first toll free help line so customers can call in and get advice and tips.

They were the first company to pressure balance the shower valves that can reduce the risk of shower shock.

Moen was also the first company to offer these great new technology products; the ChoiceFlo is the first filtering faucet with dual waterways in the spout. The Revolution which is the first showerhead that spins and twists the water. Aberdeen has a pull down faucet with a patented pause button that stops the flow of water with a button. The Immersion which is a rain shower, giving your shower a rain forest appeal.

Moen has introduced the Lifeshine technology, which is a technology that allows designers a finish that is like a brushed nickel with the durability of chrome. The M-Pact has a common valve system that allows the customer to upgrade their faucets without replacing all or any of the plumbing. With all of these products that is why Moen is the number selling product in faucets.

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