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Peerless Plumbing Supplies

Peerless is a plumbing company that has a full line of plumbing fixtures, from pull out sink faucets, two handle faucets and single handle faucets for the kitchen, the bathroom products they sell are single handle shower faucets with a scald guard to protect you from the initial blast of hot water. They have for the laundry area a bar handle faucet. On their website they offer technical help and tips. There is even a glossary where you can find meaning of words you don't recognize.

Peerless is a subsidiary of the Masco Corporation and is a Fortune 500 company. The first look at Masco came in 1929, when Masco Screw Products was formed by Alex Manoogian in Michigan. Soon after the Masco Corporation came to be it was the leader in manufacturing and selling products for residential as well as commercial.

The Masco Company is a provider of many varieties of services including installation or insulation solutions for buildings and buildings many products such as shelving, windows, cabinetry, fireplaces and bathroom accessories. The Masco Company has made many purchases of other companies, Peerless being one of them. In 2003, Peerless has sales of 10 billion dollars and a profit of about 800 million. Home Depot is a representative of their products such as Peerless and Delta.

Peerless has great quality products; they have some competition with Moen, Delta, Kohler and American Standard. Peerless does very well for them selves and they are just as good as the other companies. The others like Moen have a great reputation; companies like Peerless who are under other companies like Masco sometimes don't get the reputation they deserve. But is doesn't mean they do not put out a great line of products.

You can find the Peerless Products in stores like Home Depot and Lowes, two of the biggest names in the hardware business.

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