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Kohler Plumbing
Kohler Plumbing Supplies is a manufacturing company located in Kohler Wisconsin. They are best known for their plumbing products but they are also known for their furniture, cabinetry, tile, engines and generators. The Kohler Company started in 1873 by an Austrian immigrant named John Michael Kohler; he purchased the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry. Their very early products included cast iron and steel farm implements, the casting for furniture factories. They also created crosses for cemeteries.

In 1883, Mr. Kohler created the company's first bath tub when he applied enamel to a cast iron horse trough. Since then the company maintained their goal of providing plumbing supplies and soon they were well known for their plumbing fixtures. In 1888, the Kohler Water Works developed the Bubbler. The idea took off and soon other companies were trying to copy the idea and they were soon called drinking fountains.

The Governor of Wisconsin was Walter Kohler and he was the President of the Kohler Company his son with the same name was also Governor and President of the company. Today the President is not the Governor but Herbert Kohler; he is the grandson of the founder of the company. Kohler has a great inventory of sinks, toilets, brass faucets and bathtubs. Kohler still manufactures the good old fashioned cast iron bath tub. There are not too many companies that still do make the cast iron tub.

Kohler makes commercial products as well as residential, they also do a lot of custom work as well. For example, they provide custom hand painted sinks and toilets. The company has recently expanded into furniture and cabinetry. They hope to tap into the consumer market and get their products to appeal to residential as well as businesses. Though as of yet these other products have not done so well in the market, at least not as well as the plumbing products. The industrial products have done very well back in eastern Wisconsin.

Kohler has a full line of products from faucets, to cutting boards to soap/lotion dispensers built into the sink. In the bathroom product line they have the Water Tile shower line. They have designer sinks and designer faucets as well. Check your local Home Depot of Lowe's for the complete line of product line.

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