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Delta Faucets

The Delta Faucet Company is an American made manufacturer of faucets. It is actually a subsidiary of the Masco Corp. Brizo and Peerless are other brand names under the Masco Corp. When Delta first came on the seen it was originally owned by the Masco Screw Corporation in 1929 by an Armenian immigrant Alex Manoogian. By 1952, an unknown inventor brought his invention to Manoogian, it was the one handle faucet that mixes both hot and cold water. When the inventor showed it to Manoogian the faucet leaked but he saw a great market for this so he bought the faucet from the inventor an modified it and released it to the public. The name of the Delta Company came to be because of the valves shape, it looked like the Greek letter delta.

In 1958 the company opened a manufacturing building in Indiana and then in 1976, they opened it's second in Oklahoma and then in 1995 another facility was opened in Tennessee. There are three more factories outside of the United States, two in Canada and one in China. Alex Manoogian developed the very first washer less ball valve faucet. In 2004, Masco released a new premium brand called Brizo; it was created to replace the Delta Select Line. A few changed in the company were made, the Indiana plant was named the new products facility and the Tennessee factory became the shipping point with the company's distribution facility.

In 2006, the Delta Faucet Company announced that they were closing the Oklahoma facility and will take an estimated 11 months to close it out. In January 2007, the manufacturing of the products from the Oklahoma facility went over to Tennessee and China and a very small portion was sent to Indiana. Delta has some great products including the single handle hot and cold water faucet. Their main completion is Moen and American Standard. These three companies dominate the industry.

The unique thing about the Delta products is that all of the faucets have a very simple ball mechanism. Some other great Delta products are single handle, two handle, pull out handle and the filtration handle for kitchen faucets. In the bathroom there are Roman Tub and Whirlpool, custom and jetted showers and the two handle sink. Visit for local hardware or Home Depot store for the latest in Delta faucets.

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