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Slop Sinks

Slop sinks can be porcelain ceramic or fiberglass or plastic, the old slop sinks were made from the porcelain, there really aren't too many around. Slop sinks can be placed in the kitchen, basement, garage or backyard. There are many uses for a slop sink. Slop sinks are not a necessity just some home owners like the idea of having slop sink.

Another reason would be if you need to presoak some clothes before putting them into the washing machine. Some people like to fill up the sink with soap and water and let the soap permeate through the clothes so when they go through the actual machine it clothes will have maybe a spot treatment or bleach treated whites. They will have an extra advantage of getting cleaner from a pre soak.

Another great idea for a slop sink is to clean large items. If you haven't noticed a kitchen or bathroom sink is very shallow. Maybe too shallow for a large item such as a baby bath tub or certain baby toys. The slop sink is definitely deeper than a normal sink and you can get a much better handle on cleaning big items with a deeper sink. Maybe you want to water a large plant or soak the roots in water; a slop sink can accommodate that for you with no problem.

A slop sink is great for washing big or small items by hand. Maybe you have a huge comforter but it will not fit in your washing machine. Use the slop sink to wash it, before putting it into the dryer make sure you wring it out real well. If you are washing a small item, some slop sinks come with a built in wash board along the side of the sink closest to you.

Washboards on slop sinks are perfect for stain removals on clothes. You may not be able to rub the cleaner hard enough onto the fabric, so the wash board would come in handy. That is how they used to wash their clothes back before they had washing machines.

If you have a small pet of dog, the slop sink is the perfect place to give them a bath. If you have a long haired dog, it is not recommended that the dog be washed in a slop sink or in a bathtub for that matter because you could end up with a nasty clog in your drains. Short hairs are fine, the slop sink is deep enough to accommodate a small pet or maybe for cleaning a cat's litter box or a rabbit cage or maybe even a bird cage.

There are so many uses for a slop sink that we couldn't list them all here. If you have one we hope you are getting great use for it. If you don't have one and you want one. Think about having one put in, if you are not mechanically inclined, call a plumber and get some prices.

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