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Slant Fin Baseboard

Slant/Fin Baseboard Slant/Fin is the leader in baseboard, boilers and radiant heating. Baseboard heating is a wooden board which is normally about 3 to 11 inches high and it covers the lower part of the interior walls in the home. The one function of the baseboard is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. It can also prevent furniture or objects from hitting the wall. But the main function is to provide heat to the home. The baseboard heating system is basically heating elements that are installed around the perimeter of the room to distribute heat that is produced by hot water that circulates through them.

Slant/Fin has been doing business for over 40 years they have the best products in the business. They have a great line of baseboard products for all circumstances. The Fine/Line 15 is one of Slant/Fin?s great choices for baseboard for homes and apartments. You can order them from the company or have a top notch installer but them in. They come in ? inch or ? inch copper heating elements. The baseboards provide extra protection against chills from the outside.

The Fine/Line 30 is perfect for homes, apartments and even light commercial applications. This is a high performance heating element that is made from galvanized steel enclosures that will not rust . The Fine/Line 30 is made up to 14 feet per board if you were to install them yourself.

The Baseline 2000 is great for homes and apartment, the output of this model is 600 BTUH, the height is 7-3/8?, the depth is 2-11/16? and the boards range from 2 feet to 10 feet. Every baseboard product from Slant/Fin is strong durable and guaranteed. Other products include the Multi/Pak, Rhino Cast, Kicker and the Hydronic Floor Box.

Slant/Fin's Kicker works with only Hot water only, it works with voltage 120 VAC, with 60 Hz and a capacity of 4437-10218 with a range of 140-220 BTUH. The Kicker works well in the position where there is not enough wall space to install the baseboard. The kicker is small and can provide heat up to 12 feet baseboard, all depending of course on the model you need. It can fit under cabinets or even between wall studs.

There is an aqua stat installed within the Kicker, it starts the kickers fan so it will turn automatically on and off when the water in that zone is hot. The Kicker can provide a high output and the supply water in each of the loops off of the manifold makes the pass through just once through the heat exchanger.

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